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You are Enough

You are Enough is an urgent call to God’s children. It is a loving invitation to discovery.

It is the call of a loving Father to His children beckoning on them to ditch false narratives that have held them down and to embrace the truth of His liberating love, grace, and abundant gifts.

It is a call to see His love in action, both in the subtle nuances and bold expressions that He has made known to us. It is His reminder that He already approved you from the very beginning.

You are Enough is a testament to His love for you.

You are Enough is a must-read for everyone

It’s not only for those who question their identities or wonder if they’re enough. It is also for those who know and live in the truth of their identities. It is for everyone who still has the next level to attain. It is a graceful revelation of the gems specially concealed for us by the One who so loves us.

You are Enough is packed with life-changing insights that will challenge your belief systems and awaken you to the truths that will restore you to your divine identity.

Toyin Sanni

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