Courting His Presence

In this season, there is an overload of information – from career strategies, sales techniques, economic predictions, health systems failing, infection rates and death numbers… it’s coming at us from every angle, it’s even overwhelming!  People, what we need now isn’t all that information; what we need is revelation. One word from God is all you need to transform your world.

To get revelation, focus on courting the presence of God. Remember, when you were newly in love, you would have your beloved on the phone while doing the most mundane things like doing dishes. You were so intentional about maximizing each minute with this person. Now it may seem ridiculous to some of you but hey, you get the gist. Now that’s courting. The aim is to build intimacy and deeper connection. That’s my call today.

“Court the presence of God”. Involve Him in your mundane tasks – sing worship while you do dishes, pray in the Holy ghost as you do laundry, sweep and mop, shower, etc. He’s omnipresent! I mean He’s already everywhere so why waste his presence, when you can engage Him.

Don’t allow the enemy plant tares in your heart in those quite times, rather use it to build intimacy with your Father. In His presence, there is joy, revelation, instruction, strategies, and all other things that men are striving for.

That’s all folks!! Be safe!!

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