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We are finally live! This has been in the cooler of my mind for months and we’re finally here! Thank you so much for opening the link, reading, and subscribing to my blog! Wink!

As you know, this blog is called “Growing Together with C.I.” so let’s start by talking about growth.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines growth as:

  1. to increase in size or amount, or to allow or encourage something to increase in size or to become more advanced or developed;
  2. to provide a plant with the conditions it needs to develop, or to develop from a seed or small plant;
  3. to develop gradually, or to start to do something gradually.

The common variable with these three definitions is they are all underpinned by verbs – “increase”, “develop”; “start”; etc. Growth is an action word – it is an achieved in the doing! As I type this, I’m speaking to myself too; we are in this together.

Growth is not just in the planning, thinking, studying, etc. Don’t get me wrong – these other actions are important but its in the doing that we can truly measure growth! It’s impossible to stay the same when growth has occurred. The change in your mind, knowledge base and experience will ultimately reflect in your attitude, speech and ultimately actions!

Let’s think of pregnancy & gardening as we discuss these definitions:

  • Increase in size or amount:

You cannot compare the belly size of a woman who’s 6 weeks pregnant to that of one who’s 40 weeks pregnant. They are not “belly mates”; but they’re both pregnant women! Similarly, growth is incremental!

  • Allow or encourage something to increase in size:

This phrase is instructive because it points to the fact that growth is enabled.

In pregnancy, no matter where your shakara reach; at some point, you must make room with your clothing to accommodate your blossoming midriff. Same way, you’ll be advised to take your vitamins, eat right, keep hydrated, a healthy lifestyle, come in for periodic checkups, etc.

It is the same with the growth process; as the growee (i.e. the one who wants to grow); you must make room for growth, intentionally acquire new knowledge, develop new relationships, and so on. You must recognize that it will stretch you and to keep growing, you must welcome it.

If you are the grower (i.e. the one enabling growth); just like the OB/GYN, your job is to be the doctor during this ‘pregnancy’ & birth phase. Please steward this privilege wisely.

Dear growee, please chose your antenatal classmates & OB/GYN wisely; it is your responsibility to surround yourself with the right company.

  • Become more developed:

I once heard someone say that who you are becoming is more important than who you are now. That statement caused my mind to quiver. Growth is first internal before it becomes physically evident! Whether you are 6 weeks in or 35 weeks in, you’re pregnant. Dear growee, please focus on your internal growth!

  • Provide a plant with the conditions it needs to develop:

Hold on, I know we’re not plants. It is just an analogy from the definition, please stay with me.  As you know, plants need certain conditions to develop – water, nutrients, air, water, light, temperature, space, and time.

Now, just think of your growth journey in the same way, we need these elements. While I can’t say what water or nutrients represent in your personal growth journey; I believe that light is knowledge; temperature is your environment and time is TIME! You must be intentional about these for growth; it won’t happen in one day!

  • Develop from a seed or small plant:

There is no plenty story here. Growth is in stages – don’t be goal focused, be growth focused and enjoy the process.

If you want to achieve something, start and build it gradually. This blog is me starting something – I’m not a renowned author, thought leader or any of those fancy titles; but I’ve started and I’m proud of that.

We tend to always say it’s not yet time! Timing is critical, yes, but start gradually so that when the proverbial time comes; it meets you prepared, equipped, with skills and a track record of performance that will give you speed.

Now that we are clear about growth; what is this “Growing Together with C.I.” about?

This is about creating a growth community where I can share my learnings, you can share yours – and we can grow together! We can freely share our positive, God-centered and value adding comments on various subjects to help one another grow! I strongly believe that there is so much to gain in healthy communities – whether physical or virtual.

“Without reflection and an immersive experience, I believe that the learning process will be largely theoretical and limited”! – C.I.

I look forward to going on this journey with you. It promises to be fun and rewarding because we’ve got God and we’re doing it together. Thank you for coming along and remember to comment, like, share and subscribe!

You’re loved, valued and enough!




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  1. Whooop! Congratulations love. Super excited to be here! I look forward to learning and being blessed.

  2. This is amazing! Reflection is very important for growth to occur and “grow”, move, build, don’t wait for a perfect time. Just be growth-focused not goal focused.
    Hmm…thank you.
    And thank you for not just speaking it, but living it too❤

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