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I do hope you’re doing well, keeping safe and focusing on the important things in your life in these times. I know there’s so much happening in our cities and on the news; but I would encourage you to spend a few minutes reflecting on the positive. Think on the things you’re thankful for and dwell on those; remember we must be intentional in keeping those unwanted guests out. Check out my last post for the full gist on unwanted guests.

On today’s weather forecast, we’ll be discussing the past weather patterns, the present ones and predicting the future based on this information. I mean, that’s mostly what’s covered in typical weather forecasts, including precipitation, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and direction, etc. Weather forecasts have become so vital to our daily lives – as it informs our day-to-day decisions on dressing, farming, travel, sometimes routes to take to our destinations, and even safety depending on the climate you live in. We can’t underestimate how useful this information has become; to the extent that we rely on applications on our personal devices to inform us. While this is all great; it’s all predictive with no 100% guarantee of it going as stated.

I know firsthand how disruptive and frustrating it can be when this happens, where you’ve carried along an umbrella through public transportation all day with no sight of rain, or dressed too warmly and everyone stares at you wondering if you live in a different planet, or having to change your plans repeatedly in one day. What if I told you there’s a more guaranteed way to live – a foolproof methodology that guarantees precision in your decision making and excellence in your results. Sounds too good to be true, yes. But it is the truth! I’m sure some of you know Him already; if you do, this is a reminder of how exceptional He is and if you don’t, you need to! You need Him! He is the Holy Spirit!

Recently, a friend and I had a novel project to do and it had rained all night long in our city which meant flooded spots on some of the roads, and traffic considering we leave at different parts of town. Anyway, I rang her that morning while it was still raining, at this point for almost 8 hours non-stop; and we decided against going ahead in view of all the potential challenges the weather would mean for our project execution. Now, while this was the commonsense thing to do; a few minutes later she rang back saying she would come over for us to continue and we agreed to move despite the rainstorm that continued. We went along with our initial plan and executed that project exceptionally – to time, plan and beyond desired quality. Not only that, as she set out – the rain subsided and there was surprisingly barely any traffic; it was amazing.

This incident taught me vital lessons. One, often on our journey to new things, it’s easy to be discouraged due to some “commonsense” incidences and risks that may present themselves. While it’s great to have strategic analysis, plans and blueprints for your life and execution; the only foolproof solution is the Holy Spirit! The Bible calls Him the teacher of all things (John 14:26 AMPC). He knows your industry, business model, spouse, difficult boss, nasty neighbour, heady teenager, turnkey project, etc. and can literally instruct you on the best way to deal with it all. He can unveil the risks inherent in situations beyond what our human minds can conceive and then provide the precise innovative strategies to overcome them in one fell swoop! I’ve seen Him do this severally, so yes, I can speak to it!

Secondly, He “guides!” (John 16:13-14) I’ve found that to live an extraordinary life of true fulfillment; you must be guided beyond common sense and trends because those put you on a level playing field with the billions of others on the planet. The Holy Spirit, on the other hand, helps you surf against the tides of life’s pressures and establishes you in the centre of His plan for you – a great plan beyond what you could think or imagine (Jeremiah 29:11, 1 Corinthians 2:9). Now, that’s a whole process and while it won’t be convenient; He goes on to work as a companion, energy booster and all things you may need in that process.

My message today is this: “you don’t have to live your life guided by predictive, erratic, unguaranteed atmospheric elements”. Not even now in these uncertain times with COVID-19 changing the dynamics of life as we know it. A life guaranteed by the Holy Spirit is so much easier, saves you time, energy and resources while optimizing your speed and progress. He is your life hack to utmost productivity and lasting impact! He is just the best person to have in your corner as you go through life and yes, He can serve me and you without depleting in potency or strength!

A life guaranteed by the Holy Spirit is so much easier, saves you time, energy and resources while optimizing your speed and progress. He is your life hack to utmost productivity and lasting impact!

So, what next; if you know Him – please ask to have a closer walk, study books and Scriptures about His ministry and make a conscious decision to build a relationship where He is involved in everything you do. Familiarity isn’t intimacy and the depth of your connection determines the richness of His personality you enjoy. Don’t be deceived that your skills or experience have equipped you for life; it is absolutely limited. We were not wired to do life on our own effort, you are limited so why not tap into His unlimited wisdom, strength, experience, etc. If you don’t know him; there’s no better time than now. Please accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, attend a Bible-believing church and grow your knowledge and relationship of Christ. It is truly the most important decision of your life.

Don’t live by today’s weather forecast; it’s too risky! In this second half of the year, live assured by the Holy Spirit.

As always,

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  1. This post rings true. HolySpirit is the most certain in this uncertain world. I can write a book on how much I have learnt from the HolySpirit in time past and future. You are right, familiarity isn’t intimacy and one must learn not to replace intimacy with familiarity when it comes to the HolySpirit. Thanks for sharing and will be sharing with my circle also.

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