Seed, TIME, Harvest!

Hi hiiiii! Hi people, how are you doing? I hope last week was good and you’ve come into this new week with gusto, energy, and a positive outlook ready to smash your goals. The last two weeks have been quite busy for me but not in an overwhelming manner. It’s been a creative stretch with me juggling two, make that three new projects. It’s been demanding but I am grateful to God for these opportunities, and for the wisdom, strength, and support system that He has blessed me with.

Guys, we have a big announcement!!! Drumroll!!!!

It’s here! It’s finally here!! Growing Together with C.I podcast goes live on Tuesday, 1 December 2020!!! Last month of the year or not, we follow through with our goals. I’m both excited and humbled about this project! Woohoo! Guys, I’ve recorded these episodes with you in mind because I am committed to our communal growth. Please keep your eyes glued to our Instagram page – @gro.wingtogether over the next couple of days as we’ll be drip-feeding you with some goodness before our final go-live on Tuesday.

Alright then! Let’s get into this week’s conversation. *Takes a few deep breaths to calm down*. I’ve titled this week’s post “seed, TIME, harvest” with “time” in larger caps because she’s the star of this discussion.  I know you may be thinking, “shouldn’t it read, ’seed time & harvest time’?” but as usual let’s go on our reading adventure.

The element of time is one we don’t have to define or describe because we are familiar with it. It is the element through which we assess the duration of our day, measure productivity, the distance between one event and the other, the point or period when something occurs, etc. Time is often the metric by which we measure and assess our lives. The lack of it causes our brains to sometimes panic, translating into hurry and sometimes anxiety; and the perceived abundance of it can cause us to drift into a state of ease resulting in procrastination. But time isn’t the master of us.

The Bible tells us clearly in Ecclesiastes 3:1 that “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens”. This verse makes no mention of the periods we typically use to measure time (i.e. days, weeks, months, years, etc.) but rather refers to the word “season” (differing periods described by evident differences) while using antonyms to intelligently present us options. I think there’s a point to note there for all of us – that as we journey through life, it would be instructive for us to think of our lives not just through the usual time measurement indices of days, months, years, etc.; but rather, to think about our lives within the context of seasons.

I think that if we did this more often, we would be less focused on comparing ourselves against one another; but rather focus on purposefully discerning our seasons and maximizing it; realizing that one person’s “time to build up may be your time to tear down”; one’s time to laugh, your time to weep, etc. I can almost hear my beloved country people saying “God-forbid” and adding on a few other declarations about how such unfortunateness isn’t their portion. While that’s okay, the truth remains that the seasons of our lives would differ and what’s most essential is that we maximize each season including the ones to weep; to learn vital lessons and of course, build skills and character.

For one person, their season may demand being a high-flying business executive, a few months later, being a stay-at-home mum and a little while after, organizing community projects; then afterwards running a thriving small business, etc. In all of this, you may be quick to define this individual’s life by your own metrics of success and against your perceived version of the trajectory of their lives. Please don’t, as their season is not yours. Their life story is being written by the master storyteller, Jesus and not the perceptions of your mind. Please focus on navigating your own seasons; and allow this individual, navigate theirs learning their lessons and transforming only to become the version of themselves best fit for their master’s use – giving Him glory as they evolve.

Your own season may be to run and leap, mine may be to sit and wait; and another’s can be to crawl and babble. Whatever the case, just do it. Execute what your season demands with accuracy, focus and grace because you live mainly for an audience of One, Jesus the master season changer. Never compare (see 2 Corinthians 10:12); rather, live in alignment with your season with a grateful heart, a ready mind, and an open spirit.

Seed time and harvest time are different in their demands and outcomes; but both have time elements in their word construct. Similar to you and I, our life journeys are different in their demands and outcomes, even though we both measure our respective seasons using the same metrics of time. Stay focused and live on time.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I listened to a message by Andrew Wommack a while back that opened up my perspective on this scripture. I realized how indeed, time stands on its own as an element between seed and harvest. So just as it is written, in reality, between seed and harvest is TIME! You plant, then there’s tiiiiiiiiiime, and then harvest! God bless you dear!

  2. And truly, there’s nothing more empowering and liberating than understanding the peculiar season you’re in at every phase of your life.

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