Rethink Prayer: The Holy Spirit, our Helper.

Hey family! Good morning, afternoon, evening, or night. Whatever time it is at your current location; I trust that you are well.  I apologize for missing out on our conversations last week. I need to work on being more consistent with this assignment and ensuring I keep my commitment to you because you are precious […]

Rethink Prayer: The Meaning and Your Access.

Hey Gang! LOL! How are you doing and how was your week? Whoosh! The past week was packed and chilled at the same time but as always, I’m thankful to Jesus for His grace. As we edge towards the end of the month, remember to look at your goals and plans from the beginning of […]

Courting His Presence

In this season, there is an overload of information – from career strategies, sales techniques, economic predictions, health systems failing, infection rates and death numbers… it’s coming at us from every angle, it’s even overwhelming!  People, what we need now isn’t all that information; what we need is revelation. One word from God is all […]