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Hey blog family!

How you are all doing today? It’s been an amazing week for me – filled with pleasant surprises and opportunities. These last couple of months have been a journey of discovery and growth for me and I’m grateful and excited about the new things I’m learning and doing. Believe me when I say we are growing together; we truly are! Writing this blog has had an impact on me. It has taught me dogged commitment to you and this platform irrespective of the numerous balls I juggle each week and each day; so, thank you!

This week, I want to talk about identity. You see, this thing is a serious matter because it shapes how you define yourself, respond to issues, what you believe, etc. I reckon that some of you have a clear sense of who you are, who you were created to be; you’re in line with the plan and program for your life and killing it! Please just follow us in this conversation and feel free to contribute some wisdom in the comments. Afterall, we’re a community! Wink!

Some months ago, I found that I was yearning to do much more than my 9-5 enabled me to at the time. It almost felt like I had just woken up from sleepwalking through my life and I needed to do more, but I wasn’t sure how. So, I began soul-searching to really find what I wanted to do next that would give me fulfillment, and of course, money on the long run. This was no joke, I felt a void in my heart that I knew wasn’t going to go away; so, I kept praying, asking God for direction, and began considering different options. For every time I was asked what my ideal job would look like, I would say “consulting”, and just go into dreamily describing a previous role I had done. The irony was, it was a past job for very important reasons, however, it seemed I was stuck on it. When I was asked about my other interests and priorities, and how they fit, I would just zone out because it was evident that they didn’t align with this grand consulting dream.

At this point, it took others in my circle to demand that I realistically think through my options without the lenses of a certain role. In doing that, I realized that I was mentally stuck on this line of work. Then, they asked me why? I struggled but with the determination to be true, I realized that the dream did not align with the vision I had for my young family, the quality of life I wanted, and the other goals I had. Despite this realization, I couldn’t see any other path. Alas, I was fixated and stuck!

So, what was I going to do then seeing that this wasn’t going to work!

After much thinking, I realized that I was stuck on this career option because it honestly gave me a kick to my ego responding that I was a consultant. It meant that people automatically stepped back in respect and their assessment of me went up a notch. I had attached my self-identity and definition to that title. Without it, who would I be, what would I be referred to as, I might not be as highly regarded anymore, etc.  While my mind was playing tricks on me, my heart knew that wasn’t the direction God wanted me to look at. After some struggle, I resigned to His leading and went on an adventure with Him. I resigned from my previous job knowing it was long overdue and now, it was time to trust Him and explore the new direction He was leading me toward. A few people applauded my courage to venture out, but the truth was that I couldn’t yet describe myself in any term and it worried me. I needed something!

Months after, here I am, writing this and if you asked me the same question as to who I am, and what I do; I’ll unashamedly tell you that I’m a Child of God. Yes, that’s the singular definition for my life. My career path and roles no longer define me. To date, I function as a wife, mum, writer, social entrepreneur, teacher, administrator, etc. but these do not form who I am. Whilst my roles vary from time to time, my identity is drawn from my relationship with God. Christ is the source from which I drink and from which I’m drawn. He created me for “good works” and I can manifest in different expressions as required. What has this realization done for me?

It has:

  1. Enabled me to cultivate a relationship of absolute trust and dependence on Him.
  2. Given me clarity and redefined my standards for everything.
  3. Liberated me from a limiting definition of myself. The truth is every object/entity will function optimally to the description of itself. I could have lived solely as a “consultant” when God has called me to be so much more.
  4. Freed me to serve and flow in respective career expressions as He requires, and situations demand.
  5. Made it easy for me to express my multi-influential flows without worrying about fit & alignment to a singular description.
  6. Given me rest, assurance, security, and focus.
  7. Enabled me to discover new strengths and value propositions for my life.
  8. Above all, made it easy for me to remain focused on Him as the author and publisher of my life.

Jesus is the pillar on which I stand – not consulting – a ten-letter word that can mean many things to many people, or that requires further description. I am content with my identity – others may find it to be a simple definition but it is more than enough for me. Irrespective of where I am per time, what happens, or the outcomes I get, I am clear and secure about who I am. A child – nourished, catered for, taught, lavishly loved, resourced, guarded, guided, etc. by her ever-present, ever-powerful, all-knowing Father! What assurance!

My question for you as I wrap this all up is straightforward:

Who are you? Where do you draw meaning for your life? What is shaping the narrative of your life – is it your career, job title, marital status, history, etc?  These things are temporary. What will happen when they change, or the phase evolves? Would you be left hanging and meaningless?

People, Jesus is the surest source from which to draw your identity – He enhances the meaning of your life, gives you focus and rest. Please trust Him enough to discover your identity in Him. Let Him be the lens through which you view yourself, make your decisions, guide your responses, etc. He is more than enough!

As always

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6 Responses

  1. Great piece! Oftentimes we attach our identity to social roles. Failing to realise that social roles could be altered but God’s word concerning us remains sure!

  2. This write up was so enlightening and soul searching in all its best form. It’s clear that been identified as a true believer of Christ is way more satisfying than that of what the world says about you.

    1. First, OMG! Didn’t realize you read the blog! Big smile!! To your comment – yes! When we have our identity in Christ settled, we’re able to truly live focused, purposeful and free from pressure.

  3. Realigning and redefining my identity in Christ will help me hold onto Him as my source and even if I lose my job or I’m limited in someway, it doesn’t define me and it’ll even help me embrace my other flows and not be boxed into any definition by the society!
    Hmmmm….thank you for this.

  4. Huuuuunnh! Interesting piece. My identity can only be found in Christ Jesus. This is all about Relationship. And this begins at Salvation. ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’. ‘Christ in me the hope of glory’ This is my identity.

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