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Hello family! How are you doing? I do hope you had a love and joy-filled Christmas season and got some much-needed rest after such an intense year. I’m glad I could finally seat to write this to you on the last day of the year as it’s been on my heart for a couple of weeks. If you catch any typos, please forgive me as I’m writing alongside my toddler who believes we’re joint owners of my laptop.

Today’s conversation isn’t a long read as it’s something I had to be reminded of as I have mulled over my thoughts on my achievements this year. Often, it is so easy for us to look back and recount our achievements solely by the tasks we checked off our to-do list, the clearly articulated goals we accomplished, how much we generated in revenue and profits, and other ‘tangible’ expressions of growth.

While those are great, perhaps like me, there may be a myriad of other things that you didn’t plan for that also happened – some pleasant surprises, some not so pleasant surprises, and some that stretched you way more than you ever imagined. In all, please remember to also count these as your blessings and achievements.

It is so easy to assess our growth in obvious, countable, and measurable expressions; but we must also grow accustomed to assessing our growth by the internal changes we’ve experienced. When you look at the beginning of the year and now, also think about who you’ve become.

Remember the respective surprises I mentioned earlier, think back on those, and reflect on how they changed you, hopefully positively. Perhaps, you have become better at thinking through challenges, have become more resilient, more daring, increased your appetite for knowledge, cleaned out your diet, discovered who you are, have become one with your identity, learned to believe bigger, built spiritual stamina, deepened your intimacy with God, improved in your planning and financial management skills, learned to incorporate rest into your life, walked away from unhealthy relationships, learned to clearly define boundaries, create time for meaningful and loving relationships, protect your joy, speak up about your convictions and beliefs, own your journey, and accept the seasons of your life; I congratulate you because you’ve grown. Dear one, you may not have hit your financial or weight goals, but surely, we can agree that you’re not the same.

You may have started out the year as a caterpillar hoping to blossom into a beautiful butterfly, but didn’t quite make it there. That’s okay too, you may just be the hanging chrysalis, you’re still in a cocoon but it’s getting thinner and thinner by the day, and we can see your beautiful wings through your cocoon. All it’s going to take is time! It won’t be long now, and we’ll see you emerge with wings so strong, and colourful.

For some of you, it may seem like nothing is happening – you’re not actively engaged chasing many priorities like the rest of your friends and associates. It may be that you’re managing just one client, overseeing just one project, just nurturing your child at home, just volunteering at that charity, and so on. Don’t be discouraged, you’re doing valuable work. Your ‘just’ is great work and if that’s your assignment for this time, then steward it with all the love, attention, and excellence you can muster because in doing so, you’re growing and evolving.

Above all, discern (recognize, find out) and understand the season you’re in – and channel your total self to meeting the demands of the season. Then, assess your growth from that understanding. The Bible says it’s unwise to compare yourself with others (2 Corinthians 10:12), so discern your season with the help of the Holy Spirit, learn to enjoy, and not endure each season and simply follow Him gracefully. He is the guaranteed path for your growth.

Congratulations, you made it through 2021; welcome to 2022! I love you and I deeply appreciate you for being a part of my family. See you in 2022!

Never forget,

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