Hi folks! How are you doing?

Honestly, I miss writing to you frequently. I’m trusting God for grace to manage my ever-blossoming schedule and priorities and return to a more predictable flow for our conversations. A lot has been happening at my end, and I will share in due time but please keep me in your prayers.

That said, how have you been? I hope you are having a Joyful June! This year, I decided to approach each month with an expectation; and of course, this month is no different. I believe God that this month, I experience amazing testimonies and revelations that cause me to break forth into joy, leaping, singing, and dancing. I pray that you experience exuberant and tremendous joy and that the Holy Spirit becomes a wellspring of joy bubbling up in your spirit. Can I hear an amen?

Alright then, let’s get right into today’s conversation – travel light! As the phrase goes, it simply means to travel with minimum load or luggage.

First, let me try to set this conversation in the right context:

Life is a journey.

I believe this with all my heart. Our lives aren’t a collection of accidental happenstances; rather our lives are a journey of grace and trust that we go on with God where the Holy Spirit serves as our guide and the Word of God as our compass. Our journey is our process, and it carries tremendous power and refinement.

Traveling light is a necessity if we are to go far on this journey of life.

I want you to imagine carrying a backpack filled with heavy rocks as you try to climb up a hill. I mean that climb would be arduous (strenuous, difficult, and tiring). Truth is you are even most likely to hurt your back in the process, and maybe give up before you arrive at the top of the hill. This is true in your life’s journey as well. Carrying a ton of baggage will slow you down, deter you, and even hurt you as you travel through life.

Now that we get the picture, the emphasis of my conversation today is on soul wounds because these are important weights that we often don’t talk about. They tend to be subtle to identify but leave lasting imprints and have diverse expressions in our lives. Over the last couple of weeks, my friend Tosin Sanni has been doing a lot to shed light on the subject through her Instagram page and a couple of other events she’s done or has coming up. You should check her page @tosin_yemisanni for more information.

You can watch the replay for this on her IG page – @tosin_yemisanni
In our recent Instagram Live Chat some weeks ago, she aptly described soul wounds as, “emotional injuries from our past that create pain-based identities”. She did a thorough and stellar job of stripping the subject matter. I implore you to please watch the replay here.

You may read this and confidently say, “I have no wounds, I’m perfectly fine so this conversation doesn’t apply to me”. My question to you is, “are you sure?” Can you articulate coherent reasons behind your decisions and actions? More importantly, are you living the most authentic life that Jesus called you to? Is there true harmony between your deepest values, convictions, and actions?

If your answer is yes to all these questions, then congratulations! I believe, however, that it wouldn’t hurt to learn more about the subject. If not for yourself, then please learn so you can be a change agent and place of succor for others.

If your answer is no, then get on this journey of healing and wholeness. You see, I’m personally vested in this. I am unashamed to say I have scars from my past – not production flaws because God’s production line is perfect. I call them conditioning flaws from my upbringing, experiences, and socialization process. The Lord has healed me of some while we are both still working on some others.

Yes, my life may seem perfect to you, but I am not pursuing pyrrhic victories and temporary appearances of perfection; rather I am pressing on to the mark of my high calling in Christ Jesus. I am committed to being the best version of Chimamaka there is. I am committed to being a wholesome vessel that can deploy the Father’s assignment with grace and precision because I am free of filters and wounds that may cause me to sabotage and degrade His assignments. I am committed to indeed becoming His sharp threshing instrument delivering His assignment with precision, power, and great skill. I am committed to hearing ‘well done my good and faithful servant’ at the end of my race here on earth. I am committed to delighting my Father’s heart by my surrendered service.

This is my why! This is the reason I am committing to partnering with Jesus to bring healing to His children. You see, while the Father intends (as seen in Hebrews 12:1) that we live wholesome lives free of weights (such as soul wounds, sin, and so on); it is our responsibility to do the intentional and often intensive work of identifying these weights and investing the time and resources needed to come into a wholesome life that He predestined us for.

For us as believers irrespective of our assignments either in the marketplace – as creatives, entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, doctors, or on the pulpit; we cannot bring people to realities we haven’t been. It takes a healed and whole individual to be used by the Father in the dimension and span that He predestined us for. Enough said, please commit to travelling light! I’ve added a few resources to get you started. It is time to live free!

Love always,

You’re loved, valued and enough!


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