Community: God’s Model for Transformation

Hi people! How are you all doing? It’s been a minute! On some days, I feel like I shouldn’t say those words because it makes it obvious that I’ve been away longer than I planned to be but, we’re family and there’s absolutely no need hiding, denying or intentionally omitting the truth. Thank you to […]

WAIT! A Biblical Guide to Dealing with Overwhelm

Hi family! How are you all doing? How is life in your time zone, country, city, community or wherever you are reading this from? I didn’t write last week so I missed celebrating the amazing fathers out there. Happy Father’s Day to the silent superheroes, whose praises are not sung as often as us mothers. […]

Welcome Back!

Hola!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you read that out loud? I hope you did so you could literally hear the excitement packed in those four letters. If you didn’t read that out loud, please go back and read it again; and this time hold that ‘a’ for 32 seconds as I have 32 exclamation marks! Wow! I missed […]

The Pace of Grace

Hello people of the GTCI family! To our new family members, hello and welcome! Thank you for visiting us here. We hope that you subscribe, follow, share, and become a part of our family. I’m always so excited to see our family grow. We do hope that God blesses your heart and that you grow […]


Hello my people!! How are you all doing? I missed you, did you miss me?  I’m sorry I couldn’t write to you last week. It’s not because you aren’t important or I didn’t have what to say, but life happened. I’m sure you know how important you are to me; however, I’ll say it again, […]

Your Dreams Are Valid.

Hi blog-fam! I just want to say thank you for this past week. Thank you for reading as usual, the likes, sharing with your community, your comments here and on our Instagram page, and so on. You guys are the best and I’m so blessed to have you in my corner. I know you’ve seen […]

Trust Your Process

Hi people! Happy new month! I realized that I didn’t say that in my last post; forgive me! Better late than never, right? I pray that November brings us good news, new opportunities, and new ideas for 2021. Though we’re less than 60 days away from the new year, God is still able to do […]

Living in Your Strength Zone

Hello, my people. I hope we are all staying strong and healthy – mentally, physically, and all-round. COVID-19 and its resultant effects are still with us so please remember to wear a mask once you are leaving your home; and protect your emotions in these times. Like joke, like joke; October is upon us with […]

The Three-Letter Miracle

Hey folks! How have you been? I keep asking this and no one responds! I want to hear from you! Please drop me a direct message @gro.wingtogether on Instagram, use the contact form on here to reach out or comment below. Tell me what’s going on with you, how you’re doing, your best post to-date, […]

Dear Employee: Lessons in Stewardship

Hello people of the world! How has July been for you? I do hope it’s better than the first half of the year. Irrespective of where you are and what you’ve been through – don’t give up! It will only get better! Don’t lose hope, don’t lose faith, we will scale through this pandemic and […]