Times & Seasons

Hello family! How are you doing? I do hope you had a love and joy-filled Christmas season and got some much-needed rest after such an intense year. I’m glad I could finally seat to write this to you on the last day of the year as it’s been on my heart for a couple of […]

The Pace of Grace

Hello people of the GTCI family! To our new family members, hello and welcome! Thank you for visiting us here. We hope that you subscribe, follow, share, and become a part of our family. I’m always so excited to see our family grow. We do hope that God blesses your heart and that you grow […]


Hello my people!! How are you all doing? I missed you, did you miss me?  I’m sorry I couldn’t write to you last week. It’s not because you aren’t important or I didn’t have what to say, but life happened. I’m sure you know how important you are to me; however, I’ll say it again, […]